The Hollister Interim Striping Project in Old Town Goleta promises safer streets and better walkability, but some key safety elements are missing from the design.

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The Hollister Interim Striping Project

Current state of Hollister Ave in Old Town. Needlessly wide, encouraging speeding and forcing pedestrians to cross over four lanes of traffic when crossing the street.

Local businesses pressed Goleta city council to include maximum parking in the restriping designs, so back-in angled parking was included in the final designs at the cost of buffered bike lanes.

How the street is to be divided upon restriping. There will be one automobile lane in each direction with a center turning lane. Bike lanes will be situated between parked vehicles and moving traffic.

Results from a 2019 traffic study indicate that zero drivers actually drive the speed limit on Hollister in Old Town.

Hollister (runs left to right)/Fairview (runs top to bottom) intersection as it is today. No bike lanes. 6 car lanes on either side. Shallow, rounded corners enabling high speed right turn lanes from Hollister onto Fairview.

Hollister (runs left to right)/Fairview (runs top to bottom) intersection as planned by the restriping project; effectively no change to the intersection itself. The bike lanes (green) end rather abruptly in the middle of the four to two lane transition.

Hollister Avenue serves as a main corridor in Old Town Goleta, providing access to the businesses and neighborhoods there. Traffic studies found that this portion of Hollister suffers four times the state average for collisions and three times the average for collisions resulting in injuries. The study also showed that about 9% of collisions were pedestrian- or bike-related. 

In response, on January 2021, the City of Goleta committed to restriping Hollister Avenue to reduce speeds and through-traffic while also prioritizing and enhancing safety, access and mobility for all modes of transportation. The striping plans are meant to be incremental/temporary and do not adjust the street width or existing sidewalk (ie. no hardscaping), but do implement parking and multi-modal improvements envisioned in the Hollister Avenue Complete Streets Corridor Plan Project

The Project includes:

Following the restriping, the impacts of the project on the collision rates and traffic flow will be evaluated for how well it serves the needs of Old Town and will inform the final design of streetscape improvements once funding becomes available to construct the Hollister Avenue Complete Streets Corridor Plan

We are in support of the project and are looking forward to it being implemented in summer 2023, however there are several aspects which we believe deserve more consideration/public comment, namely the amount of bicycle parking facilities, bicycle and pedestrian safety at the Hollister/Fairview intersection, design of the transition from four to two lanes near the Fairview Ave intersection, and the measures of "success" following the restriping.